11th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Find the perfect 11th anniversary gift for your special someone by referring to our list of gift themes that are traditionally linked to the 11th wedding anniversary. You needn't feel that you have to stick to any rules when choosing the perfect present; just select from any one or combination of the themes, items and colors to show the recipient you have really put effort into choosing the ideal gift.

Traditional Gift Theme: Steel

Steel heart 11th anniversarySteel is traditionally associated with strength, and on the 11th wedding anniversary, represents the permanence of the marriage as it has survived the first 10 years, and has entered into its second decade of commitment.

Modern Gift Theme: Fashion Jewelry; Accessories

As a modern concept, fashion jewelry and accessories symbolize the fun and colorful joy that persists in a well-grounded marriage.

Gemstone: Turquoise

Alternative Gemstone: Hematite

Color: Turquoise

Flower: Tulip; Morning Glory; (Substitute: Rose)

Tulips in general symbolize perfect love, but the symbolic meanings are also differentiated according to color. Red tulips connote "believe me", signifying a declaration of true love. Yellow tulips signify cheerful thoughts and "there is sunshine in your smile". Variegated tulips indicate "you have beautiful eyes.” Cream tulips mean "I will forever love you.” Purple tulips represent royalty. White tulips signify heaven, purity and newness. Pink tulips symbolize caring and affection; and orange tulips represent energy, desire, enthusiasm and passion.

The morning glory flower has a short lifespan in which it blooms and dies in a single day. According to the Victorian definition of flowers, the morning glory flower symbolizes affection, love and mortality. Within the Chinese folklore, this flower represents a single day for lovers to meet. Together, these concepts in a marriage represent the appreciation of each new day that life brings; to appreciate and make the most of the true love each day; and the beginning (blooming) of a new decade of marriage after the end (passing) of the first decade.

Popular Traditional 11th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Stainless steel home wares (eg, wine chiller, wine glasses, cutlery set, candle holder, clock)

• Stainless steel sculpture or figurine

• Stainless steel accessories (eg, key ring, men’s bracelet)

• Stainless steel watch

Popular Modern and Other Gift Ideas

• Fashion jewelry and accessories (eg, necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, hat, scarf)

• Turquoise jewelry

• Hematite jewelry as an alternate gemstone associated with the 11th wedding anniversary

• Floral-themed gifts involving the tulip or morning glory (eg, art print, scented products such as candles or perfume, plant)

• Fresh bouquet of tulips or morning glory flowers

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