Celebrating an anniversary with close family, friends, and others has been a long-standing tradition for people all over the world. While some couples choose to celebrate this occasion based on the first day they met, or on the day that marriage was proposed, others honor this event on their actual wedding date. Many couples celebrate all three! Regardless of the date that is chosen to celebrate an anniversary, it is a time when couples show how much they love and appreciate one another.

Wedding anniversaries: Historical facts and regional celebrations

Wedding anniversaryHoly Roman Empire

Historically, the origin of the wedding anniversary can be traced back to the Holy Roman Empire. During this time, husbands celebrated their wives by crowning them on particular landmark years. Specifically, on the 25th anniversary, wives were crowned with a wreath of silver. When the couple made it to their 50th anniversary, she was adorned with a wreath of gold. As traditions began to change in later centuries, anniversaries came to be recognized as an annual event which is celebrated with very special gifts.

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Roman Catholics

Traditionally, Roman Catholics have recognized and celebrated wedding anniversaries within the organization. Members may submit an application for a blessing by the Pope. These applications are normally processed through the local dioceses for special wedding celebrations (ie, 25th, 50th, 60th and so forth). Men and women also exchange special gifts, flowers and cards each year.

Commonwealth nations

Traditions in the Commonwealth can be traced back to earlier times, especially since the significance of wedding anniversaries are highly regarded in Commonwealth nations. For couples who want to participate in receiving a special memorandum by the Monarch, they can apply for this recognition in the succession of the 60th, 65th and the 70th wedding anniversary celebrations. Applications must be made to the UK via Buckingham Palace. These applications can also be made to the Governor General’s office within each Commonwealth country.


The Prime Minister of Australia will send a congratulatory letter to citizens on their 50th Wedding anniversary, and any subsequent years. Additionally, salutations for the same anniversary years may be sent by others in official capacities, including local parliament members, State Governors and the Federal Opposition Leader.

CanadiansHappy anniversary

The anniversaries of Canadian residents are recognized by the Governor General in the form of a special message on the 50th wedding anniversary, and upon every five years thereafter.

The United States

The US has its own traditions, which includes the sending of greetings by the President on the 50th anniversary, and any subsequent years following.

For a comprehensive list of anniversary gifts by year for the US, please refer our section in the footer Anniversary Gifts by Year.

A message for all husbands

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