50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The 50th wedding anniversary is a hallmark year for celebrating the marital union of two people. On this momentous occasion, give a gift that your spouse, or the honored couple, will love and treasure for a lifetime. You can combine the predominant theme of gold with any other ideas and themes traditionally associated with the 50th wedding anniversary. 

50th golden anniversaryModern Gift Theme: Gold

Gold has three key characteristics which represent romantic concepts associated with the 50th wedding anniversary.

i) Technically (and alchemically) gold is a soft, yellow, shiny, malleable, heavy and ductile metal. As such, it is a symbol of flexibility, which signifies the essential ingredient of compromise between two people in a relationship who have made it to their 50th wedding anniversary.

ii) Due to its resistance to acid and heat, gold for the 50th wedding anniversary is also a symbol of immutability, perfection and eternity.

iii) Last but not least, gold is a rare and desired precious metal.

The well-known legend of alchemists who turned regular metals into gold is also a parable for the human pursuit to change unattractive qualities like hate, greed and selfishness into qualities like virtue, compassion, and most importantly of all, love. Also because of its immense value, optimism and wealth are often associated with gold. To celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary is precious and highly valuable.

Gemstone: Gold (no associated stone)

Alternative Gemstone: Gold or Imperial Topaz

Color: Gold

Flower: Yellow Rose; Violet; (Substitute: Gold Rose)

The yellow rose signifies inner joy, happiness, light, friendship and “the wondrous beauty of a long and prosperous marriage".

The violet symbolizes modesty, virtue, faithfulness, understated beauty, affection, simplicity, innocence and “you're in my thoughts”.

Popular Modern and Other Gift Ideas

• Gold jewelry (eg, necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet)

• Gold topaz or gold imperial jewelry as alternate gemstones associated with the 50th wedding anniversary

Gold-Dipped Eternity Rose (to represent the golden theme of the 50th wedding anniversary)

Yellow Glazed Eternity Rose (to represent the yellow rose floral theme of the 50th wedding anniversary)

• Floral-themed gifts associated with yellow roses or violets (eg, art print, scented products such as candles or perfume, plant)

• Fresh bouquet of yellow roses or violets

Here is a video of our Gold-Dipped Eternity Rose

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