22nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

See below for an outline of the most established 22nd wedding anniversary gift themes in the US. There is no need to stick to any strict regulations; you have free reign to choose something related to the modern theme, color, or any combination of ideas - the recipient will love a gift that is uniquely tailored to their sense of style.

Modern Gift Theme: Copper

Copper mugs for 22nd anniversaryCopper symbolizes strength, beauty and prosperity. It is soft, yielding and malleable, as well as a great heat and electricity conductor, symbolizing the warmth, chemistry, and passion of a couple who are in their third decade of marriage. By the 22nd wedding anniversary, the couple have well and truly molded into a union of equal compromise and balance.

Gemstone: Spinel

Color: Green

Flower: None

Popular Modern and Other Gift Ideas

• Copper home wares (eg, vase, goblets, mugs, dishes, bowls pitcher/jug, candle holder, plant or flower pot, clock)

• Copper sculpture or figurine

• Spinel jewelry (eg, necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings)

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