Glazed Natural Roses

A romantic Valentine's Day Gift for her. Glazed and gold trimmed natural roses. Available in open bloom & a tighter bloom, in a range of colours. Presented in a stitched leather case. Red roses have 2 other case options: piano black and piano woodgrain. Some have a lid with window.

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  1. Remove This Item Color: Red
  2. Remove This Item Glazed Rose Bud Style: Tight Bud
  3. Remove This Item Display Box Window: No Window
  1. Tight Bud (6)
Jewelry Style
  1. Heart Style (1)
  2. Leaf Style (1)
Display Box Finish
  1. Leather (4)
  2. High Gloss Piano Black (1)
  3. High Gloss Woodgrain (1)
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