Silver anniversary gifts represent an incredible milestone, and your loved one deserves the best. Here's the significance, and how to make a splash.

Doesn't it warm your heart when you hear about a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary? In today's hectic world, that's no easy feat, and such love and commitment really deserves to be acknowledged with the most special of silver wedding anniversary gifts.

Let's face it, all anniversaries are special, and deserve to be celebrated, but there's really something quite exceptional about reaching major milestones, such as your 25th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary.

In case you're wondering, the choice of silver to represent 25 years of marriage dates back to the Roman Empire. A husband would place a silver wreath upon the head of his wife to mark the event and, since then, it has been the tradition to give silver wedding anniversary gifts.

How to Celebrate with Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Think about it, 25 years of marriage is a big deal. You have to go all out to remind her how much you care.

And picking out some great silver wedding anniversary gifts is easier than you'd think.

Choosing the right gift

This custom grew to include other marital milestones, with recommendations of what to give your loved one according to anniversary gifts by year. For example, the first wedding anniversary is traditionally marked by the gift of paper; the 5th of wood; the 40th by a ruby, and the 60th by a diamond.

In modern day America, however, some of these traditions have been given a new twist, with certain gemstones or jewelry items marking each anniversary year. For example, diamonds for the 10th wedding anniversary, as opposed to the traditional tin! Silk can be replaced with pearls for your 12th wedding anniversary; watches instead of crystals for your 15th, and so on.

But the giving of silver to mark 25 years has never changed. Silver is considered one of the most precious metals in the world, and the giving of a silver gift is very special and meaningful. Silver is not a common or base metal, making it very desirable - indeed, the Hebrew word for silver, keseph, means 'very strong desire'.

Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Many couples find that, after being married for a few years, they don't pay as much attention to celebrating wedding anniversaries anymore. As children, mortgages, and careers progress, they just seem too busy to bother.

While this is understandable, it's also rather sad. Your wedding anniversary is actually the perfect excuse to step back from the hustle and bustle of life for a while and rekindle your love and commitment.

Some wives joke about how their husbands never remember anniversaries - and sometimes that humor is laced with a little reality! A survey of divorced women suggested around 45% of husbands forget these important days.

Take the time to choose

By their own admission, women love to be acknowledged and surprised, and your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to do just that. So whether it's buying a Valentine's gift for your girlfriend or partner, or a silver anniversary gift, it's so worth taking the time.

However long you've been together - or perhaps because you've been together so long - it's sometimes hard to decide on an appropriate gift. And while men often think they have to go for the grand gesture - like an expensive cruise, women tend to favor romantic gifts that show thought and love.

When you reach your 25th wedding anniversary, there are a few different ways to celebrate that you might consider. But are they right for your partner? After 25 years together, you probably know your husband or wife pretty well, so use that knowledge to plan the celebration.

Renew your Wedding Vows

For example, would they enjoy a huge party, or an intimate get-together with close friends, or family, or just you? Perhaps it's the perfect time to renew your wedding vows, or even enjoy a second honeymoon.

If you're having difficulty deciding on silver wedding anniversary gifts, you might need to think outside the box.

Silver jewelry is appropriate for both him and her, so there are plenty of ideas there. But don't just grab something from the shops on your way home from work!

It's not the price of the gift that matters, especially to a woman, it's the thought and love that has gone into it. And the best gift is the one that really captures the meaning of your partnership.

In short, make it meaningful.

The gift that lasts forever

If you're looking for something truly romantic, something that incorporates the traditions of giving silver and flowers, you might consider buying your loved one a Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose. This has to be one of the most precious and romantic gifts in the world.

And it is so much more unique and individual than just another silver necklace or pair of earrings.

Roses have always been the symbol of undying love, but they so quickly fade and die. What could be better than capturing that natural beauty forever, by preserving it in pure silver?

Apart from the sheer wonderment of it, what makes this anniversary gift so special is the time and craftsmanship that goes into making every single rose. Every rose is hand-picked at the optimal stage of bloom and then goes through a 60-step process to be totally encased in silver.

Engraved, and presented in a beautiful leather case, this is a gift that's hard to beat.

A time to reconnect

Silver is considered to have a feminine energy and is related to moonlight and the ebb and flow of tides. It is also said to be calming and purifying.

What makes it particularly appropriate as an anniversary gift for a wife, is the fact that it is said to restore stability and equilibrium, clear energy blockages, and illuminate the future.

Gardeners have long tried to grow natural silver roses but no true match has ever been seen. The closest anyone has come is to produce a silvery blue rose.

No wonder Silver-Dipped Eternity Roses have become such a sought-after gift.

To present this unique gift, why not plan a silver themed dinner? Silver is so on-trend as a party color, that you will easily find everything you need, from silver napkins to silver-edged champagne flutes.

Creating new memories

You could even create a stunning centerpiece of Blue Moon roses, place the exquisite Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose in amongst the natural blooms, and look forward to the magic of the moment when she discovers your gift.

Remember, loving relationships are built on wonderful memories. Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a way of creating special, new memories; a time to re-connect and look ahead to a happy, bright future together.