Setting up a romantic atmosphere is the best thing you can do for this Valentine’s Day. Here’s a basic guide to creating romantic settings you’ll both adore!

Valentine's Day has mysterious origins. Many debate when we started celebrating it, some saying that the holiday stems from the Pagan celebration of fertility.  

Regardless of its history, we can all agree that in current times, we use it as an opportunity to celebrate love.

If you're celebrating love this year, you may consider skipping the crowds and creating a private evening in your home.

Keep reading to find out how to create romantic settings throughout your home to show how much you care about your partner. 

Plan Activities For Your Romantic Settings

You may want to decorate your whole house. If so, kudos to you. We support it. Otherwise, you should think about the activities you want to share with your loved one.

This will help you choose what areas of your home to create an ambiance. Options for Valentine's Day activities include dining, gift exchanges, games and dancing, and bedroom time. 

The Love Language of Food

There's something special about communing over delicious food. You can create a colorful and flavorful home-cooked meal, or plan for delivery ahead of time.

If you want to keep things light, consider tapas, desserts, and beverages instead of a full-blown meal.

Try to incorporate aphrodisiac foods, if it fits into your plans. These naturally evoke our sexual instinct. Research shows that the following foods will do the trick:

- Fenugreek 

- Ginkgo biloba

- Maca

- Pistachios

- Red ginseng

- Saffron

Some of these ingredients can be made into a tea while others may be used to season your meal.

If you decide to incorporate food into your evening, decorate your dining room accordingly.

Dining Room Decor

Add candles to space and think ahead of time about the dripping wax and fire hazards. Use enough of them so that you don't need any other lighting, aside from maybe a dimmable light fixture.

Adorn the table with flowers, flower petals, a table cloth, and a beautiful set of dishes.

Prepare everything ahead of time so you can focus on your partner. Consider putting a gift at their table setting, such as a 24 Karat Gold-Dipped Eternity Rose.

The final touch for creating a mood is to curate music. Make a playlist ahead of time or use a radio station on Pandora. If you choose a station, be sure to use a subscription so there aren't any advertisements.

Soft jazz or ambient music turned low is the best choice.

Showing Love Through Gifts

If you're unsure of what to get your female companion, you can look to give gifts that are actions or service-based.

Gifts don't have to be expensive but they can be. It all depends on what you know your love will appreciate and enjoy.

You may want to look for something:

- Customized

- For everyday use

- Sentimental

- Symbolic

When in doubt, edibles such as chocolate and flowers never go wrong.

Where to Put Gifts

Rather than handing your partner their gift, it's nice to set it in a decorated place.

Depending on your plans for the night, this could be at the dining table, in the living room, or in the bedroom.

Sprinkle flower petals around the gift and put it in a location that makes sense for what you're offering. For example, you might want to save massage oils for the bedroom rather than the dining room.

Loosening Up With Games and Dancing

If you and your partner are playful (or you wish to be), consider initiating games and dancing during your time together.

Rather than playing Monopoly or Sorry, purchase or make a game that allows for intimacy. This may revolve around knowing each other, getting to know each other better, or foreplay.

You can play these after dining in the living room or in the bedroom, depending on what you choose.

Where to Incorporate Playfulness

If the games are sexual in nature, you'll want to do them in your decorated bedroom.

Put flowers on the bedside table, along with anything you'll need for pleasure. Flower petals can go on your bed on top of fuzzy blankets or silk.

For dancing and other games, utilize your living room and decorate the space accordingly. Use candles here, clear out clutter, and consider a balloon or two if that's your thing.

Be sure to cover up the television sets in your house with a light cloth to set the mood. 

Bedroom Time

Regardless of your sexual desires and tendencies, the bedroom is a must-decorate space. Our previous suggestions are great for creating romance or relaxing space.

If a spicy sexual night isn't your thing, don't feel any pressure.

Instead, you can make the room into your own spa-retreat with an essential oil diffuser, eye warmers, and ambient nature music.

Prepare ahead of time for whatever you'll need in the bedroom. Have everything handy on the nightstand, including some water or a warm tea kettle. 

You may also want to adorn the bed with Valentine's Day-themed stuffed animals or a new set of lingerie. 

Things to Keep in Mind

With all of these suggestions, keep in mind that it depends on who you and your partner are.

Ultimately, you want to create a space that's different than normal.

Putting in the effort by making small adjustments, decorating your home, and carefully selecting gifts will express your love non-verbally.

There are no set rules on how you do that. The best choices will come from looking at what you and your partner enjoy and what makes you feel relaxed.

For example, if you have kids who will be home, you may consider including them in the celebration. You can do this by changing the mood from romantic to relaxing and loving.

No matter what, be sure to give your loved one(s) words of affirmation about how you feel. If you need to, you can write these down ahead of time.

That way, you're saying how much you value them as well as showing them.

Enjoy the Process

With these ideas for romantic settings, you can have fun and get creative with deciding how to spend your evening.

Use music, lighting, and decor to transform your home into a sanctuary. Offer gifts as a symbol of your appreciation.

Check out our gifts to find what's right for your love and keep reading our blog for more information surrounding love and partnership.