These days, it's easy to just grab a gift off of Amazon with barely a thought. But you want to do more. And we're sharing how to give the most thoughtful gifts.

When it comes to gifts, what do women want?

This is a question that has plagued men since the beginning of time - whenever that was. But here's the good news, guys.

It turns out that the mystery isn't as epic as originally believed. For most women, the answer is pretty simple: Thoughtful gifts.

So what does that mean?

Don't freak out. You don't have to write love poems or paint rainbows and hearts, unless that's your thing.

What it DOES mean though is that you're likely to really benefit from the practice of listening and noticing.

Gift giving occurs all year round - whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or just a plain old gesture of letting her know you're thinking about her any day of the year.

And a thoughtful gift speaks volumes.

So just what qualifies as thoughtful gifts?

Well, it could be any number of things or actions. But it all starts with taking the reins.

What we're saying is that despite what men have been led to believe, women don't always want to plan all of the activities and be in charge of running the show.

So here's our list of things or actions that qualify as thoughtful gifts that will show how much you care.

1. Offer to take on some of her responsibilities

If she does most or all of the cooking, offer to make dinner one or two nights so she can chill. Add an extra touch to the table with flowers, or something far longer lasting like an Eternity Rose.

If cooking is a scary big deal for you, then offer to do some cleaning or the laundry so she can relax. It's a powerful way to show the woman in your life that you pay attention and care.

On the other hand, if you're likely to burn the kitchen down or turn all of the clothes pink in the washing machine, then order carry-out or take the clothes to be laundered. Either way, you're demonstrating to your wife, girlfriend or special woman that you appreciate everything she does on a daily basis.  

And that kind of appreciation goes a long way.

2. Plan a stay-cation  

So maybe you've heard your wife or girlfriend talk of how much she'd loved to be whisked away on a romantic vacation. Good. That means you've been listening.

Jetting off to Paris or Venice may not be an option, though. And if you're on a tight budget, something in the country may still be out of reach.

Even if you DO have the financial means, consider a weekend stay-cation. Research your town or city’s tourism department to come up with cool stuff to do (museums, live music venues, rock-climbing) to check out over the course of those two days.

You could book a hotel or bed and breakfast for one night and surprise her with dinner at a restaurant you've heard her mention.

This is the epitome of a thoughtful gift.   

3. Take her on a historical tour of you two

This one is super romantic. Especially if you still live in, or near the town or city where you met your wife or girlfriend. 

Think back to where it all began. (If it began 40+ years ago, this might require some real brain energy.)  

Then come up with four or five locations that were pivotal in the early days of your budding romance - those days when you couldn't bear to be apart.

Where did you first meet? Where did you go on your first date? Where did you first kiss?

If you're married, where did you (or she) propose? 

From these answers, you can plan a tour that will be a reminiscent walk down memory lane. Impress her even further by presenting her with a romantic keepsake (jewelry or something of that nature) at one of the spots on the tour. 

4. Date-of-the-month club

So if Valentine's Day or some other hugely romantic holiday is approaching and your bank account is low for the moment, you might want to consider a date-of-the-month club “membership” for your wife or girlfriend.

What's this? It's an awesomely thoughtful gift. That's what.

You take 12 document envelopes and sit down to think of 12 great date ideas. Not just standard dinner and a movie stuff though. Come up with some juicy ideas and write out what the date will be in detailed form.

List the details of each date on a separate piece of paper, toss one into each envelope and seal it. Write the actual date of the month on the outside of each envelope so she knows when to open them and then present her with the stack of twelve sealed envelopes. 

To spice it up a little, for some of the dates, list only the date, the location, and how she should dress. She’ll love that you’ve planned all of these imaginative dates, and you'll be able to buy yourself some time to save up for each one.

Twelve thoughtful gifts in one.

5. Basically, wow her with gifts that show you've been listening 

Here's the deal.

The special woman in your life doesn't expect you to remember every word that she's said. That would be ludicrous.

But when you start stressing about how to find the perfect thoughtful gift, just remember that the answer can be easily found in simply noticing things. 

There are a wealth of stories out there from women about what they considered the most thoughtful gifts from their men. And you can bet that their men got some serious points for these.

For example, one woman waxed poetic about how her boyfriend went out of his way to find her favorite animal in plush form. It wasn't a teddy bear either. It was an elephant shrew.

Another woman was tickled when her husband presented her with a vase of not flowers, but special glass straws. (Who says women are hard to please?) But it's because when she and her husband were at a restaurant some time before that, she asked him to grab some extra straws for the smoothies she makes at home. He remembered this and turned it into a thoughtful gift.

And a third woman talked about how on her birthday, her husband bid her goodnight at midnight, then woke her at 2AM. Having remembered that she once said she'd always wanted to see fireflies, he had spent those two hours gathering some and bringing them into their room. (He also remembered she wasn't afraid of insects.)

Other simple ideas are making a jar full of small love notes (Post-it size notes with affirmations and such) or searching the internet to find a product she loves that's been discontinued.

Just remember to pay attention and keep your eyes open. And if you have any other ideas or stories of thoughtful gifts that you'll always remember, let us know!