Want to find the perfect gifts for bridesmaids? Look no further than this list. From DIY ideas to a gorgeous gift that will last forever, we've got it all.

Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life. Part of this big day is choosing the people you want to spend it with, and some of these lucky individuals are the ones who become part of your bridal party.   

For the past decade, part of showing thanks to your bridal party has included giving the perfect gift to your bridesmaids. This gift should be carefully chosen as it is something to recognize each bridesmaid’s time, effort and support in making your day the best it can be. 

Gifts for bridesmaids need to be selected with care to show how much they mean to you. It's never too early to start thinking about the best option. 

From DIY ideas that showcase your creativity to gifts that will last a lifetime, we're here to tell you the best gifts your bridesmaids will love. 

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Bridesmaids:

Do it Yourself 

DIY gifts are an awesome option when it comes to giving gifts for your bridesmaids. DIY gifts add an extra level of creativity and personalization. These gifts show that you really appreciate their time by putting your own time back into creating something special for them. 

Another positive thing about creating DIY gifts for bridesmaids is that it gives you something to do to relax and get your mind off wedding stuff for a few hours. 

We end up getting so stressed out that we sometimes forget what's actually going on and to enjoy it. Creating something new and focusing on DIY gifts lets your mind rest for a little. 

So, here are DIY gifts ideas your crew will absolutely love:

1. Cookie mixes 

Use a mason jar and a special cookie recipe and create a ready to make batch of cookies. Just add the directions and additional wet ingredients to make it complete. 

2. Rose gold or gold accessories

These could be anything from gold sequenced mugs, to tote bags to personalized hangers. A touch of gold accents or glitter accessories are the perfect gift for any bridesmaid and are easy to create. 

3. Monogrammed items 

This could encompass multiple things. If one of your bridesmaid's names is Kristen, use a "K" wood letter and decorate the outside with beads or sequins. You could even do a floral pattern personal to each bridesmaid.

You could also add a monogram to items like makeup cases, slippers, clothing, wine bottles, and much more. The options are really endless and it's a decoration they can have for the rest of their life. 

4. Homemade cosmetics

This could consist of soaps, scrubs, body lotions, lip balms, and much more. Everyone can use a good remedy and it being homemade gives it an extra touch! 

5. Spa package

Your bridesmaids have been working hard for your wedding so what better way to reward them than with a spa package. You could create one by putting tester sized samples of various spa products in a mason jar.

Things like face masks, nail polishes, foot scrubs, and hand cream will do the trick. Trust us, this is exactly what they'll want after a crazy wedding week.  

An Eternity Rose

If you're thinking of going another route and getting gifts for your bridesmaids that will last a lifetime, an Eternity Rose is a great option. 

I'm sure you're wondering, what is an Eternity Rose

These are roses picked at prime time and then dipped in pure 24K gold, silver or platinum to preserve them for an eternity, hence The Eternity Rose name.

They are a different and extremely thoughtful gift in one. Women love flowers and especially roses, and this gift will give them something they love forever. 

With an Eternity Rose, they will always remember your big day and you will hold a special place in their heart. 


Another option for bridesmaid gifts is jewelry, which you can't really go wrong with. 

A beautiful pendant necklace or some shiny earrings are pieces your bridesmaids will go crazy over. At The Eternity Rose, our jewelry is made of natural miniature rose petals glazed and gold-trimmed. Almost all pieces include synthetic diamonds that add an extra sparkle. 

Our rose-inspired jewelry gives a unique feel with five natural rose-petal colors. You can also choose from two styles of pendants and earrings in each color. 

Matched gift sets 

If you feel your bridesmaids have gone the extra effort and you really want to give them something that shows your gratefulness, consider a matched rose and jewelry gift set. 

At The Eternity Rose, our matched gift sets include earrings, necklaces and an Eternity Rose that provides the ultimate rose-bud fashion set. 

Like our jewelry explained above, these sets are glazed with 24K gold and are hand-crafted with natural rose petals and include an Eternity Rose!

There are two types of Rose and Jewelry sets to choose from, depending on whether you want your rose to be fully Gold-Dipped or Colored with Gold-Trimming.


Last but not least, vases are something every bridesmaid could use in their household. Everyone receives flowers at some point in their life and vases are a great way for your bridesmaids to show them off even more. 

At The Eternity Rose, we offer brass-cast vases dipped in silver or gold, as well as acrylic vases. For the varying tastes and styles, we have an option for everyone. 

If you want to give them a little something extra, add an Eternity Rose to make the combination complete. Your bridesmaids will have a beautiful gift to admire forever!

So, what do you think? Does a DIY project, an Eternity Rose, or Rose Jewelry set sound best for your crew of bridesmaids? 

No matter what, don't forget it's your way of saying thank you for their support and friendship, so they deserve the very best. These gifts for bridesmaids will have everyone is awe!