Sure you could take the easy route and buy flowers and chocolate but get creative! Read how to pick the perfect valentine’s gift for your special lady.

Valentine’s Day can be both a sweet occasion and one of the most stressful. It's just something about the pressure of it all that can really give people agita. Chalk it up to expectations, but even the best relationship can be put to the test when confronted with a terrible V-Day gift.

So what kind of Valentine’s gift for your lady is foolproof? There isn't a one-size-fits-all gift idea, but with a little bit of thinking, it's pretty easy to come up with something that will knock her socks (and perhaps other garments) off.

You don't have to break the bank every time either. A gift's quality isn't always reflected in the price. You just have to think outside of the box. You remember that phrase "it's the thought that counts?" Well, it does! The nice thought just has to be attached to a gift!

Have You Tried Flowers and Chocolates?

Yes, it's cliche, and no, it's not a joke. If you've never bequeathed your lover with a bountiful bouquet than consider this year a free pass. Who doesn't love pretty flowers and yummy chocolates?

The thing you need to realise is that once you've done this, it'll never work for Valentine's Day again - unless it accompanies a more significant "main attraction" type of gift. Flowers and chocolates are perfect when utilised for your first V-Day together.

Flowers are an excellent way to surprise your lady throughout the year. They work because they are unexpected and it's "the thought that counts." On Valentine's Day, you better believe something is expected, and this is why the flowers and a heart-shaped box of candies aren't going to cut it in most cases.

If you're strapped for ideas or time, attaching a heartfelt note to the chocolates could up the ante a bit, but it better be genuine.

Capitalize On Your Shared History

One of the best parts of being with that special someone is all of the shared experiences you get to have. The inside jokes, amazing holidays, and other surprises big and small that only you two know about.

These memories aren't just there to reminisce fondly on, they can be referenced in a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend. Does she like the outdoors? Why not plan a small hike that ends in a picnic?

Dating a sports fan? Get her tickets to a game. Make her a dinner at home and craft a special cocktail. They could be ones you served at your wedding, or maybe a drink you both had a little too much of one night - anything that evokes a special memory you share.

Where did you first meet? Maybe plan a date at that location. Fancy dinners are great and all, but asking her to join you for some people watching on the Blue Line you met on years prior will show her that you remember, and you put intention behind the gift to make it special and unique to her.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative

We are attracted to novelty. It is the things you don't see every day that draws your attention and makes everything else pause for just a second.

If that moment where time stops as your focused on a new experience could be bottled, that person would be a billionaire. Of course, that can't happen, but you can try to recreate it by bringing novelty to your gift.

Take the hike with picnic example above. Picnicking somewhere other than a park is already a step up, but you can do just a little extra to make it an unforgettable experience.

This doesn't have to involve a ton of money either. You could take a golf club or two up with you, and invite her to tee off at the summit or suitable clearing if you don't live by any mountains. Remember to be kind to the Earth and use biodegradable equipment if you do.

Adding a sincere note or poem to whatever you plan to give is icing on the V-Day cupcake. If you're not confident about your writing skills, make it sappy or humorous and laugh about it. Couples who laugh together stay together.

Spring For Something That Lasts

Providing a forgettable Valentine’s gift for your lady is the last thing you want to do. One way to ensure she remembers it is to engineer an unforgettable experience as mentioned above, the other way is to get her something that will always bring the memory of your relationship to mind.

Flowers are great, but why not get her a flower that never wilts? A Glazed Eternity Rose in her favorite color means she won't have to wait for the next bouquet, she'll always have an extra special bloom from the one she loves.

Rose colors have special meanings too. Write a thoughtful letter telling her about what her rose means for added tenderness. Just the fact that you put the effort forth is going to touch her.

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Your Lady... one that defies her expectations. There is no feeling more powerful than love, and for a day that is supposed to represent love in all its glory, the pressure is on.

This is why bigger and better doesn't always work, and novelty and intention does. When you catch someone off guard, they find themselves in a vulnerable moment, and that brings them back to the first time they felt that magnetic attraction.

Getting the typical flowers, nice dinner, and generic piece of jewelry doesn't help to circumvent "going through the motions." We can't help wanting to feel that spark again, and stepping outside the box with your valentines gift for your lady is one way to deliver that feeling.

For more out-of-the-box jewelry ideas, check our gifts for her page. We love helping people put smiles on the faces of the ones they love!