It's time to show your special girl how much you love her. These romantic gifts are more than presents - they're messages to the woman you love to show how much you care.

Searching for the best romantic gifts for the lady in your life can be daunting and a little intimidating. Sure, you've told her how much she means to you, but showing her is an entirely different prospect.

Actions speak louder than words, right?

But, where do you even start?  

Romantic gifts that speak for you

She's awesome, she's cute, she's smart, she makes you all fuzzy inside. 

Put simply, she's the perfect woman for you.

And, though your search for the perfect lady has come to an end, the search for ways to show her how you feel has only just begun.

Looking for the most beautiful, meaningful romantic gifts and finding yourself stumped for ideas? Searching for something unique, special, and classic and coming up short again and again?

Good news is we're here to help.

Whether it's your wife of forty years, your girlfriend of three months, and everything in between, you're going to need some inspiring ideas.

In love, one thing never gets old: Romance.  

And, you can be a romantic without being hopeless. 

You've found the perfect someone? Let's find some romantic gifts that are not just swoon-worthy, but are truly worthy of her. 

Ready for some advice? 

Awesome! Let's do this!

1. An Eternity Rose

Looking for romantic gifts that don't cost you your life savings? Perhaps it's time to wake up and smell the roses.

Nothing speaks of love more profoundly than a single rose. The ultimate symbol of love, roses are often the go-to gift for important occasions like Valentine's Day.

But, what if you could combine the beauty of a single rose with the majesty of gold, silver or platinum? 

The Eternity Rose is a gilded masterpiece that, much like your love, will last a lifetime. 

Each individual rose is picked when it reaches full beauty and then it undergoes a 60-step procedure to ensure exquisite perfection. At the final step, it is moved on to the gold, silver, and platinum dipping baths. 

The result is the ultimate in romantic gifts: An outstandingly beautiful Eternity Rose that will not only represent your love now but into the future as well.

Giving the gift of an Eternity Rose is giving the gift of love.

For today, for tomorrow, and for eternity. 

2. A vase for that gorgeous rose

Though an Eternity Rose comes in its own alluring box, you might want to go ahead and really make a statement by adding in a beautiful vase to display that rose. 

Stately and intricately designed, every dipped vase is crafted to the highest standards. And, the choice is impressive. 

If you've gone for a gold-dipped or glazed Eternity Rose, the gold vase will perfectly complement your choice.

The silver vase, meanwhile, will add an extra air of grandeur if you have chosen a silver-dipped or platinum-dipped Eternity Rose. 

3. Heart-themed pendant and earring set

Moving from one glorious love symbol to another, what could be more romantic than a heart-themed gift?

One of the most prevalent symbols on earth, the heart is a sublime symbol of love.

What could say 'You're the one' more powerfully than a heart-themed pendant made from natural rose petals? 

Add in a pair of fine drop earrings made from natural, miniature rose petals and you're bordering on showing off! 

The heart-themed pendant and earring set is one of those romantic gifts that, much like the lady in your life, will turn heads. 

And, we're guessing, you wouldn't have it any other way.

4. Real flowers with a twist

We all know how beautiful a bouquet of fresh flowers can be. Romantic gifts the world over are often dedicated entirely to the pursuit of the finest flowers.

But, what about a bouquet with a difference? 

Roses are the language of love, but if you want to add an extra romantic touch, order a dozen roses, but specify that you want eleven red ones and one white. 

Why would you do this?

Because it allows you to make the love of your life feel extra special.

In every bunch, there is always one that stands out, right?

No prizes for guessing who the white rose represents. 

5. An indoor picnic

Sometimes, the best gifts come in the form of a wonderful experience. 

Picnics are a delightful way to express your love, but if the weather is not on your side, opt for an indoor picnic instead. 

Set up a rug indoors by a roaring hot fire and light a few well-placed candles across the room.

Include a variety of her favorite gourmet delights and some fine wine and she'll know in an instant how special you think she is.

6. A jar filled with cute notes

You know all those wonderful things about her that make her unique? 

Write them on post-its, fancy paper, or the back of a piece of card. Go for quirky paper if you can as that will show her that you invested a little extra time into making the experience unique.

Every time you think of your love, write something down that you find beautiful about her. 

Then, gather them all up and put them in a jar. 

With her very own love jar she'll not only know you love her, she'll be able to feel it and read it anytime she wants.

7. A picture frame with a picture of her

Picture frames by themselves do not scream romance, but what about a picture frame with the lady in your life inside? 

And, we're not just talking about any picture here.

Posing for pictures are all well and good, but, remember, we're going for romantic gifts here.  

Capture a picture of her when she's totally off guard and you're likely to catch the essence of her beauty in that one single shot.

Perhaps she's in her pajamas, or she's reading, or she's cooking. It doesn't matter what she's doing, what matters is that you capture a shot that tells her one simple thing. 

You notice her even when she doesn't think you're looking.

How beautiful is that?

Romantic gifts for the love of your life

So, there you have it. Consider yourself a Casanova yet?

You've now been well versed in some of the most romantic gifts out there. Now, what's important is that you put your knowledge to good use. 

After all, this is the love of your life. She's really very special, right?

Time to make her feel that way. 

Should you need any further advice, reach out and talk to us. We're experts in romantic gifts and we're always happy to help.